Screw impeller pump


Product Info

  • Screw impeller pumpset with air-cooled Hatz diesel engine
  • Standard Hatz controlbox
  • Manual operation 0 - 1 
  • Priming system: fully automatic with oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump
  • Hot-dipped galvanised pump frame, casing and connection parts
  • Doors and panel in galvanised sheet metal
  • Sprayed in single RAL 5005 - company RAL is optional
  • Protection bars around enclosure
  • Forklift channels, stacking corners and lifting eye are standard

Technical data

Suction / Discharge Size DN100
Max capacity 125 m³/h (35 l/s)
Max discharge head 25 m
Max suction lift 8,5 m
Solids free passage 60 mm
Fuel consumption 0.6 litres @ 1500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 160 litres
Max running time 265 hours
Dimensions (mm) 1167 x 1050 x 1300
Weight 860 kg
Pump SIP 75-3 BASIC

Good to know

The SCREW IMPELLER PUMP is the best pump for pumping sewage and wastewater and as a general purpose pump. The high efficient screw centrifugal impeller with high solids free passage (60 mm) is designed for matchless solids-handling. The fuel consumption is one of the lowest compared with other pumps of its kind. The priming system is an unique diaphragm vacuum pump: oil free, fully automatic and extremely reliable.
The BASIC version is equipped with a standard Hatz controlbox for manual operation only.