Screw impeller pump


Product Info

  • Screw impeller pumpset with air-cooled Hatz diesel engine
  • Analogue controlbox 0 - 1 - AUTO with hours + rev counter and fuel gauge
  • Moisture sensor + electromagnetic clutch coupling
  • Actuator on diesel engine
  • Priming system: fully automatic with oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump
  • Hot-dipped galvanised pump frame, casing and connection parts
  • Doors and panel in galvanised sheet metal
  • Sprayed in single RAL 5005 - company RAL is optional
  • Protection bars around enclosure (possible with own company logo)
  • Forklift channels, stacking corners and lifting eye are standard

Technical data

Suction – Discharge size DN150
Max capacity 432 m³/h (120 l/s)
Max discharge head 30 m
Max suction lift 8,5 m
Solids free passage 100 mm
Fuel consumption 2,4 liter @ 1.500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 225 litres
Max running time 94 hours
Dimensions (mm) 2205 x 1050 x 1385
Weight 1.530 kg

Good to know

The SCREW IMPELLER PUMP is the best pump for pumping sewage and wastewater and as a general purpose pump. The high efficient screw centrifugal impeller with high solids free passage (100 mm) is designed for matchless solids-handling. The fuel consumption is one of the lowest compared with other pumps of its kind. The priming system is an unique diaphragm vacuum pump: oil-free, fully automatic and extremely reliable.
The ECOMIZER PRO version has an easy to operate touchscreen PLC controlbox for manual or automatic operation with one float switch or one pressure probe, that is placed in a separate and lockable hatch. This set is provided with a high level alarm float switch and the revolutionary "actuator": the motor will automatically rev up or down when less or more water is detected by the pressure probe. The PLC controlbox is equipped with a data logger and the possibility to consult data and operate from a distance (option). The moisture sensor in the suction part and the electromagnetic clutch coupling prevent the vacuum pump from running when not required.