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Kabarda Pumps in Hardenberg (NL)


Kabarda Pumps in Hardenberg (NL)



Touchscreen - detail

Level switches

Automatic start and stop function

ECOMIZER PRO - Pressure probe

Easy to install pressure probe


Discharge connection


Cable entrance for float switches or pressure probe

SIP 150-6

6" Screw Impeller Pump

ECOMIZER PRO - Digital touchscreen

Absolutely fabulous: Easy to operate controlbox

Threated exhaust

Placed just above floor level

Priming system

Unique diaphragm vacuum pump

Protection bars

You can put your own company name here !

Magnetic clutch coupling

Prevents the vac pump from running when not needed

Inside the control box

Solid frame construction on silent blocs

On our way to a happy customer

Special delivery with the RAM

Kabarda Pumps logo

And yes: it's a horse (see homepage)

Screw Impeller Pumps @ Matexpo (Belgium)

Great logo !

Swimmer box

Revolutionary 'actuator'

Revs up or down the rpm of the diesel engine

Moisure sensor